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Mandie Perez


Mandie Perez #55 outfield  - The Florida Vibe is pleased to announce its latest signee, Mandie Perez, a former standout at the University of Arizona. Perez has experience at the professional level with both Athletes Unlimited and the USSSA Pride and California Commotion.
"I am so honored to play for The Vibe," said Perez." After speaking with Vibe leadership and seeing the women that I get to be on the same field with, it is honestly a dream. The opportunities that can come from this organization are endless, and I can't wait to grow the game with my team-mates."
Highlights of Perez's career include:

University of Arizona Outfielder (2012- 2017)
Finalist USA Softball Player of the Year (Top 34)
Player with Athletes Unlimited (2020)
Player with California Commotion
Drafted by the Pride (2017)
First Team All-PAC 12 (2016 & 2017)
First Team AII-NFCA West Region (2017)
Second Team AII-NFCA West Region (2016)
All-PAC 12 Honorable Mention (2013 & 2015)
PAC 12 All-Freshman Team (2013}
"For any little girl, especially those that see themselves through me, that is dreaming of a pro career after collegiate softball this one is for you," concluded Perez.

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